Get off your sofa and into the snow!

With the sun setting at 4 PM, it becomes increasingly easy to snuggle inevitably into the rut of class, computer, food, class, computer, food, computer, sleep.  Whilst social company seeps its way in there, the lackadaisical excursions accompanied by high spirits and higher temperatures are exchanged for warm drinks and sleepy movies.  Of course, St Andrews students do their best to avoid seasonal affective disorder (SAD), what with the holiday season arriving at breakneck speed, and our dependable Tesco Express remaining well-stocked with libations.

But sometimes what we need is not an occasion to dress inappropriately for the weather, with girls teetering on towering heels and boys getting snow all over their leather brogues; no, sometimes we need to throw on that ski jacket and those shearling boots, put on the silly hat with the giant pom pom and dive into a snowbank and throw some well-packed shots at your friends’ backsides.  With the advent of snowfall in Scotland, why not take advantage and feel like a kid again?  Why not return, for a few hours at least, to those carefree innocent days before “that’s what she said” and hangovers?

Because when you’re being bombarded with snowballs, building a snowman, or even taking part in the less innocent construction of a a giant phallic object, you feel the camaraderie and kinship that winter often seems to lack.  Moreover, you’re active without even knowing it, racking up mad endorphins!  You look up past the trees as the blue sky fades to pink over the North Sea, and appreciation for this amazing place will flood you.  Say bye, bye winter blues, and give winter a big, snowy hello.

Alyce Shu

Image: Anna Hunter