Your Spring/ Summer guide to menswear
I know that looking out of the window right now it is 99.9% likely that summer will not be on your mind. Now though is the time to shake off the winter blues, throw open your window and say goodbye to the rain. Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole new set of trends to get psyched about! Postpone reality and start anticipating those scorching days we know and love in St. Andrews…

The main focus this Spring/Summer season is on a casual/sharply dressed contrast. Designers such as Prada, Lanvin and Rag & Bone addressed this theme through oversized T-shirts and long shorts, (Prada) and loose shirts teemed with tight trousers (Lanvin). But before you start rooting out those skater items of your teen years, remember that it’s about tailored ‘bagginess’. So this isn’t an excuse for slobbing out and thinking you’re in style, it’s more about making nonchalant look sharp. You’re aiming for the ‘oh yeah I’m chill, I just threw this big tee-shirt over my big shorts but oh, it’s well ironed and I happen to look pretty good actually’ look. It can happen. This is the style for all you closet ‘fashionistas’, the man’s man with a secret collection of silk ties, you can be on trend without losing any ‘lad points’.

Dolce and Gabbana presented their take on the merge of blasé versus preened via black tie attire, especially the bow tie. Their collection was filled with preppy cardigans, buttoned up shirts, well fitting jeans and finished off with black bow ties. Who says that black tie is the only time to wear a bow tie? It will make your jaunt to Tesco slightly more exciting if you engender perplexed looks from everyone else as they wonder, ‘is he embracing the walk of shame?’ ‘Is there another event that I haven’t been invited to?’ ‘Does he realise he has a bow tie on in Tesco?’ and then conclude, ‘wait maybe he’s just at the forefront of this season’s Spring/Summer trends’. We all know that eventually the bow tie will become the ultimate daytime accessory; get on it.

D&G’s show also mirrored ideas seen in the collections of Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs with a more casual take on the suit trouser. They especially championed rolled up pinstripe trousers whilst in her debut collection for Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton had models strutting along in loose suit trousers with baggy jumpers and long coats.

Colour was big news for this season. Look to Prada’s collection of bright oranges, blues and greens or Jil Sander’s clashing eye-popping hues. Moschino also presented a colourful collection with bright red, green, yellow and blue trousers combined with fitted blazers, another great way to make a statement. However, there’s a fine line between intense colour and looking like you’re off to the bop during the day. For something a little more restrained, don pastel pinks and blues, as seen at Etro; a perfect way to show you’re in touch with your feminine side. If you’re looking for a safe bet, white never seems to go out of style and white suits as seen in Bottega Veneta’s show will ensure you look faultless.

This smart/casual look also extends to the shoes seen on the catwalk, so you can perfect your look head to toe. A. Hallucination presented a new take on the plimsole, pairing it with turned up chinos and tailored shorts, whilst Armani presented black plimsoles together with loose fitting leather trousers, a style best saved for the very bold amongst you. At Dior Homme the staple rule of fashion – no socks and sandals – was broken with flair as models wore, you guessed it, black leather sandals with black socks to match well tailored black suits. Hermès too championed the sandal vibe, although more conventionally the models were sockless.  Espadrilles were also a part of the show, heightening the relaxed vibe created by the loose white trousers and bright blue neckties. Even Burberry was jumping on the black sandal bandwagon, ensuring that sandals are seen as this season’s must-have item; as an added bonus, if you can’t afford the designer version, you can always steal them from your dad. Finally, at Gucci, shoes reminiscent of slippers adorned with the traditional Gucci buckle completed the razor sharp skinny suits.

So basically this is the season to get out there and express yourself, let’s embrace the summer and make Market Street the most fashionable place in Scotland, maybe even the UK. Hopefully there’ll be socks and sandals with suits at the May Ball and multiple bow ties in Northpoint. Start living the dream.

India Doyle

Image: H&M.