Artist Self Profile: Miranda Burnett-Stuart



“These illustrations are from a journal slash sketchbook that I carry round everywhere with me, which I orginally started as a way of recording and collecting things as a sort of visual diary, a vital thing for someone with such a terrible memory. It contains sketches, doodles, collages of tickets and the odd shopping list – many pages are taken up with drawings of friends, some more flattering than others!


‘Carly’ for example was drawn in the Ladyhead coffee shop, when I was supposed to be revising T.S. Eliot. The text on the drawing is from his poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ – the combination of text and image is something that I’m particuarly interested in.

40 Winks

’40 winks’ on the other hand is of a stranger who unwittingly sat across from me on a plane back from Germany. Basically my sketchbook provides both a great procrastination tool, and the perfect exuse to stare at interesting looking people!”


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