A breath of fresh air in sheerest chiffon

Perhaps my favourite trend for this season is the emergence of chiffon as the fabric to be seen in. Whether you wear it layered or sheer, the romantic and sensual implications of the hint of skin seen underneath make it this season’s sexiest trend.

The easiest way to wear this look is as a sheer blouse as it’s less risqué than other sheer items of clothing. Follow the example of Yves Saint Laurent and pick one of summer’s brights like red or royal blue to stand out and make a statement in. Alternatively, Alberta Ferretti used floaty, printed creams and neutrals to create a whimsical look. Many blouses have pussy bows or Peter Pan collars to create a vintage feel, or are cropped to tap into the seventies look, such as at Marc Jacobs. Topshop has a wide selection of chiffon blouses in a variety of prints and colours to suit all complexions.

Another way to wear chiffon is as trousers or skirts. Often pleated, these can have varying degrees of sheerness and can be awkward to wear for all those but the very brave. However, a maxi skirt or palazzo pants can look individual and chic. Perhaps the best way to wear chiffon for the summer is a lovely floaty dress, ideal for May Ball or drinking Pimms in the garden.   Often asymmetrical or layered, these dreamy soft dresses evoke the romantic trend perfectly, especially when using a colour palette of nudes or creams. So add some sensual sheer chiffon to your spring wardrobe to bring romance and elegance to your look.


Charlotte Llewellyn