Fashion advice from the slopes of Aspen, CO.

After four days travelling through five cities, I finally arrived in Aspen, Colorado: a new experience for me, and one that did not disappoint. Aspen is a place where fashion and sport collide, and the union could not be more perfect. Moncler jackets, Prada salopettes and Gucci goggles swish down the slopes, worn by effortlessly chic women and men. The Ajax tavern (a great find, where they make the most wonderfully decadent truffle chips) is the perfect place to observe these snow queens.

Clearly, fur is no taboo here. It is everywhere: adorning hoods, warming ears, lining gloves and perched on heads. Fur is the ultimate winter companion, be it real or faux. Toasting smores outside just wouldn’t be right without a furry headband and an oversized coat to snuggle up in. This season we are also seeing a great use of coloured furs — I was literally ogling at the new stripy numbers from Prada — but this trend must be channelled in a sophisticated manner (pink chinchilla coats are never a good idea!)



For those who are less interested in fur, or those who just love to layer, you cannot beat the perfect knit. The women of Aspen have this trend down too, pairing slouchy jumpers with fitted jeans or leather leggings. Theory boasts some beautiful jumpers this season, with fine button detailing down the side to give them an edge, and let’s not forget Theysken’s Theory; a collaboration that has my heart skipping beats. To stay warm after your day of tearing down the mountain, team your jumper with a leather jacket to keep you extra cosy. Real leather jackets are out there to suit every budget; I only see the Acne Rita jacket in my dreams, but try Firetrap and Zara for far more affordable options.

It seems that Ralph Lauren has done his work here too. There is a very Western feel to some of the outfits I have observed. Fringed bags, reminding me of seventies rock and roll (which, coincidentally, seems to be the music of choice in this region), swing at the sides of fashionistas, who have given them a quirky edge with intricate beading and embossed patterns. Tan leather belts cinch in waists, showing off the results of the pre-ski diet, and also giving an example of how the camel trend has moved from autumn to spring.

Aspen is a place for the bold and the daring, individuality reigns supreme and people are not afraid to experiment (it helps that the pavements are heated, so you can wear those skyscraper heels). It’s fashion week 24/7, where the sidewalk is your catwalk and the bars act as the ultimate observation platform. The town has a very laid-back atmosphere, no one tries too hard and people wear what they want, but it is hard to ignore the glamour in the air.


Tara Atkins

Image: Tara Atkins