This issue we love Saint-Tropez glamour in St Andrews

Colour is key this season – what better way to brighten up your summer wardrobe with the flash of colour of a classic scarf? Whenever I think of the summer months I get an idyllic image of the south of France, with women wearing Hermès scarves wrapped around their heads, sipping champagne and looking across the turquoise sea. I think it’s time we brought this image home to St Andrews. Fair enough, it might not be Saint-Tropez, the weather is a little cooler (to say the least) and instead of crystal glasses, we will probably be drinking our champagne out of plastic cups whilst sitting on the West Sands, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good doing it!

Using your scarf as a headband isn’t just fashionable (loved the ones shown at Pucci this year), but it is also practical, keeping the hair out of your face as the coastal “breeze” buffets you around. Fold the scarf in such away that the most dramatic patterns are showing and if the fabric has many colours, try and pull the focus to the ones that will most complement your outfit.

Tying a scarf around a beach bag is a great way to boost colour, and a novel way to store your scarf until evening when it gets a bit cooler. If you are on holiday, consider wearing your scarf over your shoulders at midday, this way you avoid the high heat and protect your skin. Wrapping a bright scarf around a trilby or other beach hat will also give your look a bit more depth and add an individual touch.

Prints this year have shown a return to the classics, like Hermès of the 1980’s: colours are vivid and patterns dramatic. On the other hand, Yves Saint Laurent has revamped leopard print into purple, green and black on warm cashmere blends and subtle, sheer silks. Alexander McQueen has also presented us with more of the iconic skull scarves, as well as pastel creations, adorned with cherry blossoms and faded skulls. These delicate colours are fantastic for those who choose fine elegance, rather than striking colours.


Tara Atkins