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We hope you have enjoyed all of our issues this year and thanks to those who were involved! We are now looking forward to next year and want to get a new team in place before we break up for the summer. If you fancy getting involved take a look at our list of available positions and don’t hesitate to apply! Even if you only have enthusiasm but no experience we still welcome you to apply as training will be given to those who need it.

Editorial Positions:

As an editor, your job is to find and inspire writers, edit their articles and hold weekly section meetings.

As a sub-editor, your job is to support the editor and help with all of the above.


Art & Photography Editor

Film Editor

Features Sub-Editor

Currrent Affairs Sub-Editor

Fashion Editor

Fashion Sub-Editor

Comment Sub-Editor

Science Sub-Editor


Business Team Positions:

The below will work together to promote The Tribe, organise events and generate enthusiasm for the magazine as it continues to grow.

PR & Events Coordinator

Marketing Director


Misc Positions:


Permanent Writers Manager – This involves being the go-to for our Permanent Writers, a group of individuals who write for every issue and rotate through the sections. This role also involves organising workshops and speakers for the PW’s to help the develop their writing style and skill.

We will be hiring Permanent Writers at the start of next year


Photoshoots Coordinator – This will mainly be a supporting role to the Fashion Section, your responsibilities would be organising photoshoots and models, photographers, make-up artists etc.


The deadline for applications is Friday 20th May at midnight. Please email with a short piece of about 300 words stating why you want the job, any relevant experience and why you think you are the right person for the job.


We look forward to reading your applications and best of luck to you all in exams!

Get Inspired,


The Tribe x