The hot hair trend of the summer and beyond



The summer of 2011 saw the rise of feather hair extensions as a trend. My home state of Mississippi is usually the last on the style bandwagon, but hair feathers were THE accessory of the summer. Feathers are an inexpensive, impermanent way to change a look (they last up to 6 months), coming in a myriad of colors and styles, whilst ranging from real feathers and accurate fakes to cheap looking colored strands. They are easy to deal with because they can be styled and washed with your hair, making the ultimate effortless chic.

Feathers are usually placed in groups of two or three in one area of hair. I like them best when they are placed underneath the hair right behind the ear, but they also look good placed along the parting. Feathers can also come with a strand of tinsel, which looks great in darker hair and when paired with bright feathers.

Unlike some trends that cater to a specific generation, feathers are popular from ages six to 60. I’ve seen many mothers and daughters with matching feathers; teenagers and twenty-somethings are not immune to their charms either. The trend is so alluring that a young girl that didn’t have a ‘real’ feather took matters into her own hands and proudly wore a feather that she had found in her garden.

Feathers are easy to install and remove unlike most hairstyle trends that involve a permanent commitment. For that reason they are a perfect autumn trend, allowing people to give in to their desire for change as well as their desires for ease and simplicity. I predict that feathers are no passing fad, and will grow even more popular in the months to come.


Hannah Anderson

Image credit – Hank Hession, Upstate Options Magazine