Elena Georgalla shares some great online music sites 


Calling all music lovers out there! If you are in search of some great alternative ear-food sources au lieu of your dull iTunes library or classic Youtube, the Internet is an extraordinary and beautiful place full of little music gems. There is an umpteen number of fantastic websites available online to spice up your life’s melodies and to become your ultimate guide to everything music-related. Shifting through a plethora of established and emerging websites, this list discusses some of the coolest and best portals that provide you with endless possibilities for musical fun.



A personal favourite, this is a genius hustle-free atmosphere creator. Whether you are having “dinner with friends”, it is a “Sunday morning”, you need an “aphrodisiac”, or you “feel like crying” they have the perfect playlist that best suits your mood or your activities. All music is frequently updated and new songs are added almost weekly. You can also create your own moods-playlists. I made one called “Echo” which magically seems to match my mood every time, even though I’m sceptical about how the name can capture any mood at all.  The creators introduce it as the emotional internet radio and their philosophy is rather self-explanatory: behind every song there’s always an emotion- maybe that’s why we love music.



Offspring of the American media giant, AOL, this is your online guide to everything new from the world of great music-making. Probably the coolest thing about this portal is the “FullCD ListeningParty” feature which allows you to listen to selected new releases. The whole thing; all 20 songs of an album unlimited times. You can also download free MP3s (there’s a new one added everyday) and also easily find out when your favourite artists are on tour. Plus you can easily access their partner-sites dedicated to particular genres. I am very fond of “The Boot”-no other name could capture the concept of an all-country music website any better!



You are probably already familiar with Last.fm, the immensely popular social music site. Now you can access it on the go with the Last.fm iPhone app. You can get music recommendations according to your taste, add tracks to your playlist, purchase tracks directly from iTunes, tag the tracks, share them with the Last.fm community and much more. Oh, and it’s all free!



Flickr meets SoundCloud in this innovative music gallery, where users from New York to Sydney and all across the globe can post their own songs for others to listen to. Music is categorized by cities and with over 4000 tracks London has the most songs up. If you are an aspiring new musician or simply enjoy thinking music outside the box, there’s your heaven.



When the amazing Hidden Fruit promoters thought it would be a great idea to have the Flaming Lips, I blame Coco, Noah and the Whale and a bunch of other well-known artists perform at the back of a black London cab, the Black Cab Sessions was born. The concept features a new “gig” each week, which along with all archived performances can be viewed on the site.



The original true online music institution that paved the way for an entire generation of music websites. Founded 14 years ago in 1995, before Napster, before Google, before Facebook, back when the World Wide Web was still a young ambitious experiment, Pitchfork was there, providing a voice with integrity. News, reviews, festival info, they were the first to have it all.



Rock’s Back Pages is an online archive of classic interviews and profiles covering the 60s to the modern day. You can’t really get more rock ‘n’ roll than that. If you are looking for a big name feature RBP is the first place to turn to.



Elena Georgalla


Image credit – Carnoodles