Tonal Colour Blocking – the art of vanishing in St Andrews



St Andrews is like Hogwarts in many ways, but the newest and most exciting comparison is the development of an invisibility cloak. This past August, a student of the university overcame a major design hurdle in invisibility science, one that will enhance the cloak’s practicality.

Although the availability of invisibility cloaks on fashion’s high streets is some time away, why not try another form of invisibility – tonal colour blocking?

Tonal colour blocking has become a major trend on the catwalk, but we think it translates even better on the street.

For this photoshoot, the models were photographed in front of matching backgrounds to mimic the effect of an invisibility cloak. If you were to try this trend out on the streets of St Andrews, your look would become more high-vis than invisible. If you are not ready to sport head-to-toe colour, you can dilute the look by adding neutral accessories and gradually work your way up to the full effect.

For further information about the advancements of the invisibility cloak, click here.


Hannah Anderson


Directors: Hannah Anderson and Rose Zevos King

Stylists: Hannah Anderson and Tara Atkins

Models: Sadhbh Moore, Hannah Vaughn and Edward Battle

Photography: Rose Zevos King