Maria Christina Marchi takes you on a visual voyage to the nearby, idyllic island of Kefalonia


I had been working in London for more than a month, and had probably seen the sun for no more than two and a half days. It was miserable. After all the excitement of leaving Italy in order to spend a ‘serious’ summer working in a magazine, I was beginning to regret my decision of leaving the Mediterranean climate. However, knowing that London does not really do summer, I had planned ahead, and as my week off from work approached I became more and more excited about my upcoming trip to the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia.

Here is a small taste of what can be found off the shores of the Greek mainland:


Petani Bay

The bay of Petani lies on the west coast of the island and is one of the lesser tourist-y spots, which makes it the perfect place to spend an entire day, with only the sun and sea for company.

Petani Beach



After a long and oh-so-tiring day at the beach, the next stop is dinner. The little town of Assos lies on an isthmus, and is a colourful, traditional town. It is full of traditional tavernas and Greek sir taki music pervades the streets. Just after the higgledy-piggledy town, on the small peninsula, lies the Venetian castle of Assos, which dominates the skyline.

The Town of Assos

The Port and Assos Castle

One of the most famous attractions of Kefalonia is Myrtos Beach. It has been hailed as one of the beautiful beaches of all of Greece, and with its white cliff and azure waters, who can say otherwise?


Myrtos and Assos Peninsula in the Background

In 1953 Kefalonia was hit by a terrible earthquake, which measured 7.3 on the Richter scale. Most of its typical villages were destroyed, but one survived: Fiskardo. It lies at the northernmost tip of the island, and is a picturesque port town, full of small shops selling traditional jewelry. Make sure you visit this town at sunset, as the white walls of the houses will be painted pink and the whole place will seem a little more magical.


Fiskardo's Market

Fiskardo by Day

And at Dusk

The island of Kefalonia is full of surprises and breath-taking views. I have over 500 photos of my holiday and could keep adding more, but to be truthful none of these pictures do the island justice. If you want to explore this island further, I suggest you read Louis de Bernières’ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Or just go and visit; after all it is only a three hour flight away.


Maria Christina Marchi

Photography – Maria Christina Marchi