Guitars are the life-blood of rock-and-roll. But what are these guitars exactly?


This is a virtual tour of the most famous (and recognisable) guitars that you should know. They make the music you love, after all. Ever since the 1950s, these guitars have been around creating music crossing many genres. Rock, of course, but also blues, funk, jazz, reggae, progressive, and everything in between. The electric guitar is a staple of our time. In efforts to become a more educated music listener, here’s a sample of the most influential and highly sought-after guitars that have changed music history for good. This is not just a fad of our times; these guitars have had such long lasting impacts in how we write, produce, and hear music that it’s worthwhile to get to know them sooner rather than later.


Gibson Les Paul

Fender Stratocaster

Gibson Flying V

Gibson SG

Fender Jaguar

Gibson Explorer

Fender Telecaster


Fender Jazz Bass


David Hershaw


Image 1 – Nicole Hensley

Image 2 – Delhovyn

Image 3 – Professional photographer

Image 4 – Steve Ford Elliot

Image 5 – Stratmatt

Image 6 – CasinoKat

Image 7 – Lukasz Krol

Image 8 – Gibson

Image 9 – J c

Image 10 – Get directly down

Image 11 – Zng Zng

Image 12 –Madisonandfifth

Image 13 – manu_gt500

Image 14 – Shipguy

Image 15 – Theodore Lee