Nefeli Pire Iliou sets the scene…

Athens is the capital city of a country that finds itself in deep economic debt and political struggle. Every day in Athens one sees something that starkly reminds us of the current situation: a protest, a masked figure painted on a wall, a woman begging for something to eat, a slogan about freedom by a famous Greek poet.

'An Ancient Greek statue' by Nefeli Pire Iliou


What amazes me is that contrary to people I’ve met in other places around the world, the Greeks are always keen to participate in the everyday political and economic struggles of their country: people are standing there listening to the man shouting, someone is helping the old starving woman in the street, on the sides of the masked figure are two girls discussing the situation, standing on top of the wall with the poetry a young girl is reciting it.


'Two girls and the Masked Man of the Riots' by Nefeli Pire Iliou


And in the midst of all the political and economic images we see images of the regular Athens, without the struggles, that has something of its past: the same girl that was reciting the poetry now looks like the face of a Classical statue, a bunch of friends are sitting at an Ancient Greek amphitheatre discussing their day, a “masked” cat that is so reminiscent of a city like Athens with thousands of cats walking about its streets for the past centuries.


'Masked Cat' by Nefeli Pire Iliou


The protests, the starving woman, that cat, the girls and the masked rioter, the girl reciting the poetry in one moment and like a statue with a wandering gaze in the next, the amphitheatre where friends gather: all are parts of a normal day in the city of Athens that comes to a close.


'The End of the Day' by Nefeli Pire Iliou


Nefeli Pire Iliou

Photography – Nefeli Pire Iliou