Hairstyles are increasingly colourful: bright colours, such as purple, pink, red and even yellow are particularly in fashion


Now you are probably thinking that a whole head of such colours probably looks horrific. With yellow especially you would be right, but luckily dying all your hair is not trendy. Instead people are “dip dyeing”, i.e. painting the dye on just the last inch of hair or so, depending your hair length. This is a much subtler way of being fashion forward.

Brunettes look particularly good with blonde or red ends and blondes (depending on the shade) with a lighter red or pink. For those of you who don’t want to permanently dye your hair, there is a new product from the Australian stylist Kevin Murphy. It’s called Colour Bug and only colours your hair for a day (or until you shampoo it next)! Colour Bug comes in three colours, pink, purple, and orange.

I rocked this look two nights in a row, it’s a lot of fun and looks great, but is incredibly messy. Learn from my mistakes – make sure to put a towel around you’re clothes to prevent the colour from getting all over them.

As far as preparation goes, make sure your hair is completely dry and spray some hair spray into the end to give the colour something to grip onto. After that, just rub the colour into your hair and make sure to really work your hands over it or else the colour will get everywhere.  Warning – it’s not a good idea to wear a white outfit during the preparation stage. Don’t want your style to be too out there? Simply brush out the ends to give your hair a more pastel colour.

This new sensation in hair is a fantastic, inexpensive and fun way to update your look for a night. However, if you want something more permanent, I would recommend seeing a hair stylist to get the best treatment.


Sophya Gordon

Image – Sophya Gordon