Women for Women International are fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan. Will you stand with them?

‘I believe women build stronger bridges to peace.’ Do you? Afghanistan is currently the world’s most dangerous place to be a woman: violence against women is rising daily, reports of self-immolation, domestic violence and suicide among women are rising, maternal-mortality rates have rocketed, and women are provided with limited access to doctors and no economic rights.

Women internationally are standing with the women in Afghanistan, investing in the simple belief that through the empowerment of women we can achieve peace. Women for Women International has launched a campaign to help the women of Afghanistan rebuild their lives and communities enabling women and men throughout the world to make a difference in the lives of Afghan women.

In December of this year, 90 countries and international organisations will meet in Germany to discuss transition, international long-term engagement, and peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. A year ago, at the Kabul conference, an imperative conference to the progression of the peace process, only one woman was invited. Women for Women is working to ensure that this does not happen again, that the voices of women are heard, and that this time women’s rights are imperative to future peace in Afghanistan.

Tuesday the 29th of November, St Andrews’ own Women for Women Society will be launching their own campaign for peace and inviting you to stand with them for women in Afghanistan. If you could write to these women, these women who have endured unimaginable circumstances and trauma, what would you say? If you could let them know that despite the distance you are standing with them, working with them to build a secure and happy future for their families, would you? If so, than sign our petition outside the library, which will be sent with thousands of other’s signatures to the UK government calling for urgent action so that Afghan women can play a part in building peace for their future.

Throughout the day, members of the society will be sporting white T-shirts with peace slogans. Look out for them and if you believe women build stronger bridges to peace, pose with our campaign banner for a photo to raise awareness and show your support.

You can’t build peace leaving half the people out, support women in post-conflict situations. Now.


Alexandra Van Sant

Image Credit – isafmedia