Maria Christina Marchi on the enduring appeal of Paris


Paris seems to be the most sought after of all destinations. We’ve already had two love letters feature, alongside a guide to backpacking around the capital and other articles. But why is it that the French capital has the capacity of penetrating our hearts, marking our memories with the most vivid of images? Is it its artistic allure? The fact that artists have flocked to its darkest alleyways in hopes of producing the masterpiece of the century, may it be in literature, painting or theatre? Or is it the interweaving of simply beautiful and intriguingly complex streets, people and monuments?

Or is is simply because Paris is Europe’s New York, where every single one of your dreams simply comes true?

Le Centre Pompidou


La Seine


La Sainte-Chapelle


Place Dauphin

Place Dauphin

The Iron Lady by Night



The Pyramid of Europe


Le Louvre



Casual Shopping...

Seulement un bisoux


Colour and confusion

In the company of the greatest writer of love...

Notre Dame


Bon, and c’est tout for this time as well.

I hope you’re all ready to make the most of Christmas and continue your discovery of the world, because, damn right I am. Who knows what’s next?


Maria Christina Marchi

Photography by Maria Christina Marchi