Mixed media pieces by Hannah Sycamore

A key influence on my work is the book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a childhood favourite that after re-reading inspired some pieces that in turn led to these works. The rose that appears frequently in my work is a key motif within the story: ‘where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow’. The rose, as always, is a positive symbol both in the story itself and within my own work. I take my inspiration from textile artists such as Hollie Caley, Linda Young, Rosie James, and Claire Coles. I experimented with both fabric and paper and began to develop more complex pieces where layer upon layer was built up, combining fabrics, paper and thread so that aspects of the work are only partly visible, like a game of hide and seek! Nostalgia for childhood and childhood games is another key influence on my work; nostalgia for an idyllic childhood.

"Home Sweet Home" by Hannah Sycamore

"Triptych" by Hannah Sycamore

"Key" by Hannah Sycamore

"Clock Face" by Hannah Sycamore


Hannah Sycamore