Are blogs the new glossies?

From Left: Parisian, American and British Vogue


Most of us have been exposed to magazines from a young age. I myself can remember flicking through Vogue before I could properly read and gazing at the vibrant cover shots that would make our coffee table groan. But are we starting to leave the era of the fashion magazine behind us?

As I turn the pages of the latest Vogue editions I am appalled at the copious pages of adverts I have to leaf through just to get to the contents page (over 40 in the case of American Vogue), but not as disappointed that I have, once again, forked out over £15 for 3 magazines… However, Vogue never really fails to disappoint me. The most recent shoots from the UK, US and Paris are so delicious I could just stare at them all day (just don’t look too hard at the price tags) and my head starts to flood with style inspiration for the coming spring season. Between photos you are always guaranteed snippets of information like scattered gems; pieces on upcoming designers to keep an eye out for, exciting new projects (the re-release of the iconic Fendi baguette got my heart racing) and histories of brands. Truly there is nothing I love more than snuggling up on an afternoon off with a cup of Royal Blend tea and a good fashion magazine.

However, a new realm of fashion media has come to the forefront of our attention, I am of course talking about blogs. Bloggers have become almost as famous as the new designers whose clothes they flaunt. Bloggers like Bryanboy have even had bags named after them, whilst Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast has had a capsule collection with Dannijo. So why do we all love to look at the sites of these, for want of a better word, nobodies? The reason bloggers can be so successful is their inspirational and refreshing sense of style. Sites are brimming with street-style images, allowing readers to envisage clothes out of the studio and in real-life situations. They also provide a constant flow of information, unlike our monthly magazines, which suck us in and then let us wait for more. Take the fashion weeks, the time separation between the runway and the internet is a matter of minutes.

Some magazines have become completely internet-based like the Net-A-Porter weekly magazine, which can also be downloaded straight to your iPad simulating the experience of a paper copy. Whilst it’s true that publications like Vogue, Elle, Tatler et al are making more of their content available online, due to the constant presence of the paper edition, they are very restricted and you end up buying the real thing anyway. But is that really a bad thing? After all we may love to gaze at the stylish adventures of our favourite fashion bloggers between university lectures, but can they really rival the flutter you feel holding a bold, brand new glossy?

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Tara Atkins 

Images – Tara Atkins