One girl’s take on the New Year’s resolution – just say YES!

Should I take up an art class? Yes.

So what’s your New Year’s resolution? Actually, allow me to rephrase that: what was your New Year’s resolution? Now that the dark and depressing month of January has finally closed its doors, the festive season’s celebrations, along with those ridiculous resolutions we made, seem like a dim and distant memory. Were you really going to get up two hours early every day to go to the gym? Did you actually think you’d manage to kick that chocolate habit? Somehow I don’t think so.

Yet every year we persist in making these rather absurd promises to ourselves saying, “This year will be different, honestly.” If you’re currently shouting: “But I always stick to my resolutions!” then I think it’s time you shared some of that self-control and determination you’re hoarding with the rest of us. If you don’t have the required willpower to keep a resolution, please don’t be offended by my accusations – I am just as guilty as you, having never stuck with one for more than a few weeks.

Many a year I have toyed with foolish promises such as giving up crisps, chocolate and biscuits and replacing them with celery or something equally unappetising. I’ve also dabbled with the more whimsical/pathetic ‘simply be happier’ philosophy, knowing all too well that as soon as exam time approaches my resolution is sure to go flying out the window along with my sanity and desire for a degree.

However, given my previous failures at adopting and failing to keep a resolution, I decided to take a different approach this year. With a willpower similar to that of a wilted flower (simply ‘giving up’ something wasn’t going to work), I knew any resolution I made would have to be simple in order to give myself the best chance of sticking to it. It was then that the idea of a YESolution popped into my head – my 2012 New Year’s resolution would be to say YES!

My first opportunity to put the YESolution into practice arrived on the 1st of January in the shape of a wasabi pea. Now, I’m not sure how common these peculiar little dried peas are, but I had never seen one before. My idea of adventurous eating consists of maybe trying some Parmesan cheese with my pasta, instead of just butter. Well, not quite, but I certainly wouldn’t normally be seen eating a wasabi pea, which turned out to be quite tasty when sampled in the spirit of the YESolution!

From this small, pea-sized beginning, the first fortnight of January proved equally successful. I went on to wrangle two shout-outs on Xfm radio and nervously asked for my first new hairstyle in over 5 years at the hairdresser, after my friend said: “I think you’d suit a full fringe”. I’ve also applied to an online extras’ agency (keep your peepers pealed for my debut performance in a crappy low budget film coming to very few screens near you soon), will be camping in the Scottish wilderness to celebrate my next birthday and am planning to go interrailing over summer.

I’m one month into the YESolution and I’m pretty pleased at how things are shaping up. Here’s to another 11 months of saying YES, and hopefully at the end of the year I’ll be able to say that I’ve actually stuck to one of the numerous New Year’s resolutions I’ve made over the years. Oh, that’s my mum asking if I can load the dishwasher and walk the dog… I’d better pretend I didn’t hear that one – shall I go out? YES!


Alexandria Grant

Image credit – Alexandria Grant