Why Miss Moss is the truly royal Kate M of Britain…

I’ve never met him, but I trust Marc Jacobs dearly. And so it came as no surprise that his model of choice to close the Spring/Summer 2012 Louis Vuitton show was none other than Kate Moss herself. Doll-like in white lace, and a sparkly Alice band, this was a girl a million miles away from last season’s Vuitton catwalk, where she smoked down the runway both metaphorically and literally. At 38, she is a modelling veteran and yet still managed to outshine her nondescript colleagues while perched upon a sugary carousel during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. How does she do it? Let me count the ways…

1.Damn good looks.

Moss is like a feline eyed Marmite; you either love her, or will launch into a tiresome rant about how “there are loads of women who are just as beautiful, but don’t get the recognition blah blah blah…” However, we can scientifically prove why her face has earned millions of pounds in contracts. The Golden Ratio (1.61803399… and so on for eternity) has, since the time of the Ancient Greeks, been believed to be the most pleasing set of proportions to the human eye. It’s no surprise then, that Kate fits exactly – save for her mouth, which is a whole 2mm too narrow for perfection… Although maybe that’s what makes her human? Clearly this did not deter artist Marc Quinn from creating the largest solid gold statue since the days of ancient Egypt in the likeness of Moss. Entitled “The Siren”, he boldly proclaimed Kate’s inspiration was due to her position as “the ideal beauty of the moment”.

2. Imitable personal style.

You might think Moss’ clothes have never influenced you. But I’d bet my left kidney that you own at least one of the following: skinny jeans, ballet pumps, a military jacket, biker boots, a blazer… I’ll bet you sometimes ruffle your hair to make it look just that little bit undone, while blending your eyeliner to hint that you might never have made it home. And I’ll put all my chips down to bet that, on a special night, you must have at least once worn something with a little sparkle. Her style follows a particular pattern – always slightly undone, but never scruffy, a nod to the past, an acknowledgement of today and just a glint of the future.

3. We want to be her.

Moss is not just a glossy magazine cover – she’s the entire issue. From scandal to scandal, the world cannot help but be there on the frontline with her. She dates bad guys, maybe parties a bit too hard and still has time to take her daughter shopping. Her vocals have featured not just on Babyshambles records, but also those by Oasis and Primal Scream, while her collections for Topshop were worn by the likes of Selma Blair and Blake Lively. Moss embodies the desires and concerns of the modern world – she does everything we’d love to do, but never would. Many a supermodel has drowned in such a champagne supernova, but not Kate, never Kate. Instead, she smiles behind her Raybans and, tossing back a mop of dirty blonde hair, takes a sip.


Anna Samson 

Image –   FLÁ * PESSOA