Is FS standing the test of time or is fashion falling by the wayside in the name of a party?

Pumping music and raucous laughter meet my ears as I totter (6 inch high Jeffrey Campbell shoes are always a good idea when you are 5’5″) over the fir branches and glitter that carpet the entrance to FS:2012. It’s only 8 p.m. and already the state of some people is less than desirable, regardless I am greeted with warm smiles and all the usual encouragements of a fantastic night out.

This year it is Lower College lawn playing host to the massive marquee housing a double catwalk, a couple of bars and plenty of champagne-laden tables. Fashionably late, as I always am, the fashion show has just kicked off, with beautifully slim girls and rugged men striding down past screaming, clamouring students to the sound of the bass. G & T in hand, a stroll is in order to see what the guests are wearing (seems to be more interesting than what’s on the runway). It’s a good blend of the classic, the quirky and the down right bizarre. Definitely more Mulberry in this room than you can swing a Bayswater at, but this is St Andrews so one must conform to our devotion to the British icon. However, glittering 1920s-inspired dresses can be seen amongst the sea of black suits, as well as vibrant bandage dresses, nude, sheer numbers and a rather spectacular pair of high-waisted, bejewelled shorts paired with a boyfriend-fit blazer. The men have gone classic, with a twist. Playful, bright bowties flash at me from every angle, silk waistcoats peek out from under well-fitted jackets and a couple of daring shoe choices were definitely noticed (think Prada meets 1920s America).

Right, back to the real show. To say the least, I am disappointed with the outfits in general. There are some that I would consider having a look at in closer detail, but on the whole, less than impressed. The colours and styles on show are far more suited to Autumn/Winter and we aren’t talking A/W ’12, more like A/W ’11, leaving it feeling slightly outdated and less forward thinking. However, one collection was more on trend, with men’s shorts, blue blazers and some divine pastels. Surprisingly there was a distinct lack of some bigger names, although I do appreciate showcasing some of Britain’s young, new talent (thinking Kirsty Ward), but having seen some of the behaviour I am not surprised. Certainly if I were a world-renowned designer I would feel less than happy showing garments on a runway where the guests are spraying champagne in the models’ faces and trying to trip them up at every turn. What did make up for what the clothing lacked was the make-up and hair. I would love to know the secrets behind the perfect, undone up-dos paraded by the female models.

All in all, FS:2012 was a great night out and definitely lived up to its glowing reputation amongst students and industry alike. However, my advice to future FS-goers: go for the party not the fashion.

Tara Atkins 

Images – Tara Atkins