It’s all about the party at DONT WALK’s tenth anniversary

Fashion Show season in St Andrews is well under way, and DONT WALK was a huge success. This was their ten-year anniversary, and the professionalism of the models and organisers was evident from the beginning; the male models were still doing press-ups and weights backstage just moments before the show started. The hair and make-up looks were impeccable, and were provided by Bobbi Brown and Toni & Guy respectively.

The show started with a dramatic parade of all the models in masks. The effect of having all the models onstage at once heightened the mood of the crowd; the excitement and enthusiasm only grew from there. Models were confident in their choreography and stage presence. The boys were more nervous at first, but once audience members had handed them a few drinks, they relaxed and started to enjoy themselves.

I personally enjoyed the men’s clothes on the catwalk more than the women’s collections. The men showcased clothes that ranged from edgy, to preppy, to simple jeans and T-shirts. It seemed like some of them would actually consider wearing what they were showing. The girls, however, were a different story. I enjoyed some of the collections, but it seemed like rather than trying to be diverse or show off the fashion, DONT WALK was just showing off how good looking their models are. Some of the clothes looked unfinished, others were designed to look unfinished. The girls did not let any of these factors affect their confidence and because of this, the show lived up to all of my expectations of a great night.

The audience loved every minute of the night, dancing on the spot to the music and harassing the models. Everyone was dressed to the nines as for any event in St Andrews, but lots of people went with a twist. I saw lots of sheer dresses, maxi skirts, midi skirts, and asymmetrical hems. DONT WALK has an off-the-wall reputation, and the guests took that into account when getting dressed.

DONT WALK got even wilder when the after party guests arrived. DJs were playing music that kept everyone dancing, and part of the catwalk was left up as a stage. Models, guests, and committee members stormed the dance floor, and only left to go to the bar.

Hannah Anderson 
Photography – Hannah Anderson