Oliver Corbishley questions why the Principal is directing her attention to ‘a meaningless token of equality’ rather than at the issues that really matter to the students.

Students queue on South Street to view single flat

With all the excitement over the KK split this week, everyone seems to be crawling over themselves to issue a statement praising the two brave founders of the KK fellowship.  I have to say, it is really rather surprising anyone actually cares. While this has all been billed as a sexism beating revolution, what we really have is two people leaving a men’s only club and creating an entirely separate entity with a similar name. Perhaps I shall start the ‘Kate Kennedy Collective’ or the ‘Kate Kennedy Team’.  Expect to see a series of emails praising my bravery shortly. Perhaps this new ‘Fellowship’ will be more open and inclusive, I think for most of us though, it makes not a bit of difference.

Meanwhile, I did not receive emails from the Association President, the Principal, and the Rector with regards to the huge queue on South Street Thursday afternoon to view just one flat. Student accommodation is getting rarer and more expensive, yet we haven’t heard a word on this from our Principal. These are the real issues that students care about, not the Kate Kennedy membership policy. Six groups viewed my flat today, at a time when nearly all the private accommodation for next year is gone. Only one of those groups can get my flat, the others will have to hope for better luck elsewhere, or join the growing number of students pushed out to Dundee.

I find it ironic seeing Louise Richardson praise students fighting discrimination, at the same time she promotes discrimination in the form of RUK fees.

I guess a meaningless token of equality is more important to Louise Richardson than all the students having affordable accommodation near to the University, or the real equality we could achieve by ending educational apartheid. Personally I think many female RUK students would give up the chance to join the KK fellowship if it meant giving up their fees as well.


Oliver Corbishley

Image Credit – Alex Morgan