Summer’s coming so start the hunt for your perfect pair…

Despite the usually horrendous weather here on the East Coast of Fife, St Andrews and sunglasses go together like wine and cheese. And this summer there is, as ever, a multitude of fun, interesting and classic styles out there. Whatever your desired fashion statement there is a frame out there that will suit you.

Let’s start with the classic. Ray-Bans, with Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets, are ubiquitous of St Andrews style. Wayfarers are quite possibly the most iconic and versatile of styles. Flattering on both men and women, the design is copied across the fashion spectrum. The classic black or subtler brown are a perfect finish to any outfit. The iconic shapes of the Laramie and Meteor style suit most face shapes, male and female, and the variety of colours mean they suit a variety of styles. The new Legends range at Ray-Ban demonstrates the popularity of these styles which have spawned cheap reproductions across the high street. For those who cannot afford the real deal, or do not want to risk ruining a pair at this year’s festivals, a variety of colours from floral to neon can be found for a couple of pounds on the high street. Or ‘invest’ in a pair of the I <3 St Andrews rave-style glasses. Based on the Wayfarer style, they may not be the most effective against the sun, but they’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.

Another androgynous style of sunspecs is the aviator. Every few years comes a film which inspires the masses to don their mirrored glasses and strut around confident in the knowledge that a) no one can see their eyes and b) that they look nearly as cool as Tom Cruise. Unlike the Wayfarer style, good aviators are hard to find on the high street. They are also not as universally flattering as the classic Ray-Ban styles and are best teamed with chiselled jawlines and beautifully defined cheekbones.

For women specifically large frames are still popular. We all remember the fad a few years ago when Victoria Beckham first put on those sunglasses that covered her whole face, and suddenly half the population resembled flies. These styles can be even harder to pull off successfully. For me personally I prefer the obnoxiously large styles, especially after a night out as they cover up all the make-up I forgot to take off in my inebriated state. Vanessa Paradis in Heartbreaker (L’arnacœur in the correct French) wears them perfectly, teamed with red lipstick and an Hermès headscarf.

My favourite trends for sunglasses this year are the vintage and novelty styles. Prada frequently deliver the goods when it comes to unique frames. The fifties shapes and crazy Perspex frames add a style savvy twist to any outfit. ASOS provides a cheaper alternative to the other outrageous themes seen on the catwalks. Eiffel tower and pineapple adorned frames provide a humorous twist to this necessary accessory, but they are perhaps not entirely appropriate for everyday wear.

All in all, the spectacle world is your proverbial oyster. Every style you could ever imagine is out there: whether you want the classic Ray-Ban style or a novelty cocktail-themed pair.


Millicent Wilkinson

Image – Millicent Wilkinson