Take inspiration from the celebrities to cultivate a new hairstyle this academic year…

Hair Raising
As the leaves turn to brown in the autumn period and the new trends arrive on the high-street, it is natural to want a style upheaval.The easiest way to do this is to change your hair.

Too often men just get their hair cut to the shortest possible length to prevent another haircut for a further six months. A change of style, instead of just shearing off the whole lot, can greatly serve to your advantage.

Hair trends for men are different to women’s. Women’s trends are fast moving – just look at the trends of ombre blue locks and the ‘wet-dry’ look. Men’s trends are much slower changing and often less dramatic.

In order to find a new suave look that will work with your face-shape; look at celebrities with face-shapes that resemble yours. They have the top stylists working on them so their hairstyles are going to suit them perfectly.

The top looks at the moment come in four categories – The Crop, Natural Wave, Slicked Side-Parting and The Undercut.

The Crop, as favoured by Tom Hardy, resembles a longer buzz cut that can be styled. It always strikes me as being rather cold for winter, but it is smart, clean and involves very little upkeep. A trim every few weeks or so will maintain this look. Just throw on your custom-made suit and you’ll be ready to schweff.

Thanks to Harry Styles of One Direction fame, the Natural Wave maintains a popular look among the younger generation. If you are lucky enough to have thick luscious curls then cultivate them to your best advantage. With this style though, you have to make sure that your hair is clean. As soon as it looks greasy you will just resemble a spotty adolescent – and no one wants that.

A favourite in Europe, as well as in certain St Andrean circles, the Slicked Side-Parting remains a look associated with silver-screen glamour. Take inspiration from the classic stars such as Sinatra, or look for our modern day interpretations. Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson have both perfected this look, teamed with a sharp suit and strong jaw line. This is obviously a trend which requires a good cut and a certain amount of time perfecting.

The current trend which seems to be taking over the male population is the Undercut. Short at the back and sides and longer on top, this style suits most face shapes, and most fashion styles. Inspiration for styling this look can be seen in any Burberry advert. Long and curly on top to suit those of the more hipster orientation or just slightly longer on top for the ‘intern’ look as one of my good friends put it.

Excluding the Slicked Side-Parting, most of these trends are low maintenance on a day-to-day basis, but will require upkeep every few months or so. Often men maintain a hairstyle that they’ve been holding onto since puberty, so use this new academic year to cultivate a new look to show off your killer cheekbones.


Millicent Wilkinson

Image by Millicent Wilkinson