CameraAnyone who is artistically minded finds it difficult to draw inspiration at times. Life can become too hectic for creative energy to flow. Writers block, photographers block, painters block, whichever you have, it can be fixed by finding inspiration in the world around you.

Every day life – inspiration can pop out at you during random moments. You could be walking the dog, playing foxy bingo games, washing the car, on the commute to work, or dragging the food shopping home in ripped bags, and you’ll be struck with it. Real life does that a lot.

Movies – you can gain inspiration from the narrative of a movie. Perhaps it has a theme you would like to build your project around, or you were inspired by a particular camera angle.

CD covers – once upon a time, the design of a CD cover was extremely important to the product. Nowadays they aren’t so relevant, but looking through your old CDs could kick start the creative cogs in your brain. Especially those from the 70s and 80s. There are some real classics out there.

Art shows and galleries – checking out other people’s art work in galleries and shows, is a great way to inspire photography. Obviously you don’t want to directly copy another photographer or painter. Their work is always good to look at in terms of inspiration and technique though. You can decide from observing other work which aspects you like, and which you don’t.

Try and create when you’re tired – it might seem like a silly trick, but I often find I am at my most creative when I’m sleepy. I think it’s because you’re no longer thinking about 100 things a minute, so you have more room to simply look around, see from another perspective, and be inspired.


Image by The Suss-Man (Mike)