Millicent reviews the Meadham Kirchhoff  S/S ’13 collection…

MKBlueWhen I offered to write about one of the London Fashion Week shows, I had no idea which one to pick. Having spent the last year focussed mainly on menswear, I wanted to research a more feminine brand. Yet, despite the allure of Mulberry’s classic camel hues and beautiful bags, it was on the Meadham Kirchhoff show that I kept clicking refresh.

Already a firm favourite in London, the design-duo of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff have reached international fame as well, building on a spectacular first collection and developing the brand. Previous collections have included rainbow coloured hair and monster-printed faux fur jackets, demonstrating that their pieces are more haute couture than high-street.

The set resembled the boudoir of Marie Antoinette with floral wallpaper, candelabras and cupcakes. The regal theme perfectly matched the exquisitely cut and unashamedly feminine pieces.

A personal favourite of the collection was a white circle-skirted coat, held together with blue bows and sash. Accessorised with white elbow-length gloves and a flat white hat with matching blue bow, it looks like a modern take on the New-Look; vintage elegance combined with 18th century France and modern layering.


Despite beliefs that it is will be hard to translate the collection to the high-street, I believe it to be easy to buy into. There were knee high socks paired with pointed court shoes, high collars under structured jackets and beautiful blingtastic costume jewellery. Many of the outfits consisted of high-waisted bell-skirts in pastel colours or printed skirt suits adorned with pink bows on hat, jacket and boots. If anything can be taken from this show it is that there can never be too many bows.

The use of underwear and sheer fabrics made the intense colour palette more sensual. Several outfits were constructed around bodices, bloomers and negligees. However the collection maintained a young, coquettish vibe as cycling shorts were worn beneath the mini-skirts and skinny trousers worn beneath the longer varieties.

All in all, the show was beautiful – a quiet riot of regal glamour teamed with teen style and bows. Lots and lots of bows.

Millicent Wilkinson

Image: Millicent Wilkinson