Rachel Bell talks us through the best products for flawless skin…


So, coming up to spring (next month!) we all want to have nice glowing, fresh skin and forget the months of winter, where a lot of us looked like Casper the friendly ghost and felt like every drop of water had left our skin. Spring/Summer 13 is all about the dewy, fresh supermodel skin and I’ve pulled together a list of products that will help us cheat our way there. I can’t promise these products will turn you into Heidi Klum or Miranda Kerr, but we can at least fake having their skin right?

So, if you’re a beauty nut like I am you’ll probably already be cleansing, toning, moisturising and serum enhancing yourself every morning and night. If you don’t, starting a routine would be a good way to get your skin ready to glow in the spring, plus it’s just good for your skin anyway, so you should definitely be doing something other than rubbing make-up over it anyways! P.S: Make-up wipes should only ever be used when you’re so tired you can’t stand or when you’re drunk so you can at least attempt not to sleep in your makeup. Otherwise you’re just smearing a lot of makeup round your face and not taking it off properly.

Now, there are numerous products out there that will help you glow, but I’ve just pulled together some that I like as suggestions. Firstly, an overnight moisture mask like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask will help aid your skin in recovering from the damage done by winter wind and central heating. Put it on a couple of times a week before bed and watch your skin thank you for it. Next, Hydraluron is a great product that uses hyaluronic acid to let your skin retain up to 1000 times more moisture than it usually would. You put it on under your moisturiser and other facial products and it increases their benefit because your products take longer to evaporate off your skin and have a chance to work properly. If your skin is hydrated it will also stop it sucking any moisture out of the makeup you put on, which means less nasty flakey patches in your makeup. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is a classic that everyone should have because you can use it for, well, everything! Dab it along your cheekbones to make them look higher, pop it on your lips to make them look glossy and hydrated, and smooth it along your arms and legs to make them look healthy and gleaming.

Makeup-wise, choose formulas with light-reflecting formulas that are specifically for making your skin look illuminated: YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation comes in a wide range of colours, is lightweight and easily blendable, and lends your skin a beautiful dewy glow whilst giving you great coverage. Use an illuminating concealer like L’oreal Paris’s Lumi Magique under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose and across your cheekbones so that they reflect the light and make your look happy and healthy. Finally, stick to cream products because they look much more natural and are easier to work with, especially in the heat. The Topshop cream blushers are a great copy of high end cream blushes, come in lots of fun colours and add a really pretty, youthful glow to the skin.


Rachel Bell


Image by Beautysets