Valentine’s Day: Cynic or Romantic? You decide in our two Special Features articles.

When I was a child my brother and I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day because when we went downstairs in the morning, there would be chocolates and cards waiting for us from our parents and grandparents. I was sold on the day from a very young age – any excuse to consume a whole box of chocolates for breakfast had me. As I grew up, the box of chocolates became one single bar and I began to understand that Valentine’s Day is for couples, and no longer a day where you write Valentine’s cards to every single kid in your class. And to be honest, the appeal declined – what are you meant to do if you’ve not got ‘that special someone’ to celebrate with and nobody’s giving you chocolate? The main aspect of today’s Valentine’s Day that I dislike is the way it is a completely commercial holiday. Why do we need to designate one day to express our love for someone? It seems as though the celebration equates spending money on Valentine’s Day presents for the one you love, with how much you love them.

Somehow this year, a series of events have unfolded that take me to Paris, the city of love, on Valentine’s Day – alone. And I think it’s hilarious. As an extremely unromantic person, I have been pondering all the things I might do on that day by myself in Paris. I think I may take myself out to a fancy dinner alone, just because I think it would be funny. Like imagine a picture of the scene – all the couples holding hands over candlelit dinners with roses and wine, and then me, amongst them all, just alone, reading a book or whatnot. And to be honest, why can’t I go out to dinner alone on Valentine’s Day? In advance of my trip I asked a few people what they would do on Valentine’s Day in the Paris with their significant others. One girl said she’d love to be surprised with “macaroons from Ladurée in the morning, then maybe a picnic on the Eiffel Tower later in the day”. Someone else mentioned a walk they love from Trocadero up Georges V to the Champs Elysees and then all the way down to the Louvre and le Jardin de Tuileries. Then maybe coffee at Les Deux Maggots and dinner and drinks later at Hotel Costes. This could be the perfect Valentine’s Day. However it’s all a bit too romantic for me. What I plan to do on Valentine’s Day is eat. I’ll have two croissants for breakfast, maybe a baguette with loads of cheese for lunch, and then maybe in the afternoon buy myself a few boxes of chocolates. I mean, the one good thing about being in Paris is the food, and its not like I’m getting laid that night so who cares what I eat!

I bet you all think I’m just a sad single girl who’s making a big fuss about disliking Valentine’s Day because I’m alone and desperately wish I had someone – but you’re wrong! I think the idea of it is cute, but I honestly don’t really see the point. We’ve commercialised Valentines Day, and that’s just not right. And yes, I’m going to be in the City of Love alone on Valentine’s Day -but I’m going to own it.


Sage Lancaster


Image Credit: Sage Lancaster