Makeup trends to pay attention to this season…

Marina Aguiar Araujo

To your average observer the makeup trends at fashion weeks can be bewildering: bright orange lips with glossy eyes, eyeliner everywhere but the lid, bright red doll like cheeks. You’d be forgiven for wondering how the hell you were meant to translate that into day to day life without looking like you’d done your makeup in the dark. Never fear, it can be done, and by pulling out some of the common themes from the shows you’re guaranteed to be up to date with your makeup this Spring/Summer and beyond.

1. Skin Skin Skin. This emphasis on glowing, perfect skin shows no sign of abating this year, the emphasis is just changing slightly to perfecting that ‘inner glow’. In laymen’s terms, you want your skin to look like you have no makeup on and is just naturally beautiful. Having a good skincare regime in place would be a great start but I do have some makeup recommendations to fake it. Firstly, have a look a Laura Mercier, whose tinted moisturisers and light foundations are great. Also, check out YSL, Bourjois and Revlon, who have all come out with extremely light foundations which are designed with light reflecting particles to give you a dewy glow. Put on your face products with your fingers to sheer them out and give them a more natural finish, and only powder where you need to. make use of highlighters such as Dior’s Amber Diamond and put them everywhere the sun catches: tops of cheekbones and the centre of the nose and chin to attract light to the high parts of your face. Just remember, glowy not greasy, sometimes the simplest routine can be the most effective.

2. Tightlining. What you want is an undone but defined eye. Yes this might sound a bit like an oxymoron but I assure you it is possible with a bit of eyeliner trickery. Most girls tightline their lower lids but what you need to concentrate on here is tightlining your upper waterline and leave the rest of your eyes alone. This is super easy, all you do is hold your pencil to the upper waterline, close your eye and wiggle it back and forth. Open eye and voila, defined eye without any obvious eyeliner. Pair this with a lightly defined socket and neutral eye and you’re set to go.

3. All hail the red lip. Perhaps one of the most enduring makeup looks, and no it isn’t too much for spring at all. Experiment with texture and application as well as colour, pat on a bright orange for a slightly messy grunge look, line and shade in lips before colouring them with a matte red for big beautiful lips, stick to glossy and pair it with an undone eye for a bit more of a playful girly look. Red will instantly brighten your face and make you look like the confident lady you aspire to be.

4. Do not be afraid of colour on your eyes. The more adventurous amongst you might want to break out the blues and greens and make your eyes the focus of your face, it’s easy to do by blending them with browns and golds to increase wearabilty. Everyone else might want to experiment with coloured liner, personally I’ll just do a relatively nude eye and them add a slick of blue liner underneath my eyes – instant pop. You can also convert your eyeshadows into liner simply by applying them wet with a fine or angled brush.

5. Along with flawless skin, big brows are here to stay. You want them to look polished not drawn in. To achieve this fill in your natural brows with a powder and extend and thicken them slightly with a pencil, nothing too drastic, just to make sure your eyebrows frame all those pretty eyes you’re going to be doing.


Rachel Bell


Image from Commons