An exhibition displaying a collaboration between poets and artists from Fife and Shetland is on display at the St Andrews’ Town Hall until April 27th.

FCA&C Farlin image - Diane Garrick

Can poetry be visual? And can art be poetic? An ongoing exhibition at the St Andrews Town Hall responds in the affirmative.

In a wonderful display of Scottish creativity, the Farlin exhibition creates links between poetry and art in Fife and Shetland. The exhibition is the result of an exchange in which ‘makers’, or craft artists, were randomly paired with ‘makars,’ a traditional Scottish word for bard. The poets and artists communicated across Fife and Shetland through the post, skype, email and social media in order to initiate a process of mutal inspiration.

The results are stimulating. In one example, Shetland poet Christian Tait wrote a poem on a paper neckland in response to to Fife jewelry designer-maker Dianne King’s work. Shetland poet Bruce Eunson write a poem in the shape of a tree to respond to the nature-like forms of Molly Ginnelly’s jewelry.

The following image shows a copper kettle with a treated surface by Roisin Connolly and writing by her Shetland partner Gordon Dargie:

 FCA&C Farlin Roisin Connolly

Overall, the exhibition highlights the links that bind distant Scottish region. The exhibition’s name, Farlin, is the name of a container of herring. Herring represents a common source of nourrishment and work in both Shetland and Fife.

Please do take a visit to the Farlin exhibition before it ends on April 27th. It will be worth your while.


Ali Fizgerald


Images by Chloe Garrick