Our Fashion Editor shows you how to turn your summer favourites into autumn staples.

I don’t know about you, but summer just isn’t as long as it used to be. Maybe that’s because I moved from Mississippi, the land of 9-month summers, to Scotland, the land of, well, two-week summers. This means that I feel like I have less and less time to wear my favourite summer clothes. So I decided that this year I will be more proactive about transitioning my summer wardrobe into one more suitable to the winter months. And I am going to show you how!



Here I’ve taken my lovely but very summery striped espadrilles and paired them with a comfy, but warm look that would be perfect for a day of lectures. Once the weather gets a bit colder you could swap the necklaces for a scarf and the cardigan for a jacket.





A maxi dress, or skirt, is the perfect transitional item. You’ve already got most of your body covered so all you need to do is add a structured blazer or jacket for warmth, and to contrast with that floaty maxi shape. Wear with your cutest pair of loafers for studious elegance.





The bright colours favoured in summer need not be stashed away for the colder months. Pair your hot pinks and teal greens with darker tones and neutrals to achieve a look perfect for autumn. A shirt like this will take you through all the seasons! Wear it for fall with a dark skirt, ankle boots, and a pair of frilly socks to fight the chill.


We all know how to make our shorts work for winter (what would we do without tights?), but other items can seem trickier. Experiment with different options and soon your wardrobe will seem more versatile now that it can include your summer items year round.


Directed, styled, and modelled by Hannah Anderson

Photographs by Allison Anderson