Green Door Store, Brighton

Green Door Store, Brighton

Conor Ray reviews Guts Alldayer which went up at Green Door Store in Brighton on 6th October.

Down in Brighton on the 6th of October, the hidden-in-plain-sight Green Door Store was host to an evening of mostly shoegaze outfits, displaying more Fender Jaguars and swirling soundscapes than you could shake a stick at. Echoing the audio sentiments of bands such as Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Dinosaur Jr., this was a pure noise-infused night that could have come straight from the early 90’s.


The first band that I managed to catch was Brighton-based The Hundredth Anniversary, who set the tone for the night with their distorted yet melodic songs. One of the standout tracks was a simple solo piece by lead singer (and Tyrannosaurus Dead member) ‘Eleanor’ that combined mellow chords and haunting vocals to surprising effect. Although somewhat dissimilar, it was reminiscent of the track ‘Stuck’ by Flowers, which is definitely worth checking out.


The most MBV-esque band of the night, Gum, played a set packed with beautifully textured guitar riffs that flowed through the venue, and dreamy vocals drifting just above. One thing that did pique my interest was the drummer’s gnarly, old, torn-up cymbal, which looked like it had seen some real s**t. Yet, despite what the cymbal would suggest, Gum’s set was a relatively tame affair.


With a much more grungey feel, Birdskulls managed to inject a much needed dose of angst and fury to offset the dreamlike state of previous sets. Perhaps not surprisingly, given how different they were compared to the rest of the bands, this was the smallest that I saw the crowd; a fair amount of the assembled hipsters missing out on a great performance. Giving off clear vibes of bands such as Wavves, and particularly Cobain-like vocals, this band was a personal highlight of the gig.


Though they weren’t headlining, you could tell this was really Tyrannosaurus Dead’s night; people packed in for their energetic set and well crafted songs. The band gave off a sort of Los Campesinos vibe with their chaotic ensemble jumbled on stage, but were certainly more contained. Although, that’s not to say they didn’t put on an exciting performance. Playing songs from their eponymous EP (which can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp) as well as their recent Pure // Apart EP, they were almost ramshackle recreations and had a great fuzzy feel to them.


Topping the night off was London-based three-piece Fever Dream, who delivered a well-executed and tight set of dreamy pop songs. Clearly the most professional unit of the night, they performed with the routine motions of a band that is used to (and possibly bored of) playing their own songs. This was the first time that I had ever heard them, though, so I will still be keeping an ear out for them.


For someone with a soft spot for shoegaze, like myself, this night was pretty damn good with a lineup well worth checking out and keeping an eye on for the future. Anyone who’s interested in the genre at all would have found something to keep them entertained that night behind the door of Brighton’s Green Door Store.

Conor Ray


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