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Has Hilary blown 2016 already?

Today Hilary Clinton enjoys an immense amount of popularity and is considered to be a political marvel to many across the political spectrum. Mrs. Clinton’s achievements are indeed absolutely astounding: from serving as a senator after her husband’s affair with Monika Lewinsky, to losing the Democratic nomination in 2008, to serving as Secretary of state for the Obama administration. Indeed, many were disappointed to see her step down from her post as Secretary of State as she was simply a master at it. Health concerns aside, it was a blow to the precious balance of DC politics and a hit to the Democratic Party. Historians would be right to look back at her diplomatic dexterity with complete admiration for the miracles that she worked in many a time of crisis.

Democrats have a great amount of respect for Hilary as a professional and in all that she has accomplished for the United States of America. At the same time, many party members have vivid memories of the bitter mudslinging of the 2008 campaigns in which Obama came out on top. Speaking on the 25th Hilary stated:

“They ought to go back and read history because, I will just say, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Democrats, if they tried to shut the government down. We have seen this movie before and it didn’t work out very well for those who were obstructionist.”  (Daily Beast)

To which movies were you referring, Mrs. Clinton? Mr. Smith Goes to Washington perhaps? Whichever cinematic production she meant, it most certainly baffles the minds of voters when she buries herself in such contradictory comments.

Hilary talks about the actions of Republicans and how they are being obstructionist and how the government shutdown will be the fault of the Republicans. Yet Mrs. Clinton sometimes just does not know when to stop talking. She seems to be so enamored with her recent burst in publicity that her egotistical side is getting the better of her. As someone commented on the Daily Beast website:

Every time Bill’s wife opens her pie hole, I hear the screeching of ‘” What difference, at this point, does it make?”

While this comment may seem incredibly bigoted, it goes to show the resentment shared amongst many voters, particularly Democrats. Waves of criticism poured out from all over the place after Mrs. Clinton’s controversial remarks -and rightly so.

Ever since stepping down from office, Hilary has had a “packed travel schedule”, literally jet setting all over the world to give one speech or another. It seems almost comical how she is continually trying to grab headlines in any way she can. If she truly wants to run for the office of the president of the United States in 2016, she is doing it in the worst way possible. The American political parties are intentionally decentralized so that there is more fluidity for the rise of third parties.

Hilary has shown her hand and the game has barely even started yet.


Henry McCarthy 


Image Credit: Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy