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The Republican Party is obsessed with sex. They use politics as a platform from which to legislate sexual morality. They build up traditional marriage to try and de-legitimize same-sex relationships. They teach abstinence so that they don’t have to teach sex or provide contraception. They’re pro-life, but they don’t quantify this life. Fortunately for America, history repeats itself and, like previous unfounded, socially restrictive agendas, social conservatism is on its way out. Shaming and degrading is not relevant to an American population that is embracing social liberalism.

President John F. Kennedy once said, “You can’t negotiate with people who say what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.” Legislation restricting abortions took effect in Texas on Nov. 1 of this year. The legislation bans abortions at week 20 and beyond, requires doctors to perform abortions at designated surgical facilities and requires that doctors have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Approximately one third of clinics can no longer provide services for women under these terms. Without knowledge about these women’s circumstances or rationale, social conservatives dare to carve their beliefs into legislation that indirectly violates the constitutional precedence set by Roe versus Wade.

Social conservatives are the first to stage self-righteous protests outside abortion clinics, but they are not as eager to make a moral judgement call on equality for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Last month, a Republican governor compared same-sex marriage to marriage between siblings. There is something wrong with a political climate that elects a man to represent the population who turns around and uses the political stage to vocalize his bigoted views.

According to 2013 Gallup and Greenberg polls, 82% of Evangelical Republicans disapprove of gay marriage. Compare that to 52% of all Americans who are in favor of a nationwide law legalizing it. 53% of Americans want Roe versus Wade upheld compared to only 29% who want it overturned. Tea Party chapters across the U.S. have fallen from 1,000 to approximately 600.

Social conservatism is steadily declining in resonance with the American public. Freedom is more than the right to practice religion. It’s the freedom to conduct our lives out of the path of moral trajectories. Social conservatism is dangerous and ineffective when it takes the form of what I call presumptive politics: legislation that is based on subjective morals and generalizations about what is best for people. The future of American politics is one in which the outlining Evangelical, Tea Party moral code will no longer enjoy the prominence it does now. Social issues will be returned to their rightful owner: the individual. The Republican party has brought upon itself an inevitable decline. In its place will be a Democratic Party spectrum, with varying shades of economic liberalism. Social liberalism will be unchallenged in the mainstream. Without the distraction of trying to implement universal morality, we can focus on addressing universal healthcare, the debt, welfare and unemployment. We will finally be able to remove the anti-gay and bloodied anti-abortion protest posters from along the path to economic stability.

Until we do see this eminent transformation of the political landscape, my question for Republicans is this: if you’re going to tell me who I can and can’t marry, would you tell the 88 people out of every 100 that own guns who they can and can’t shoot? To make a comparison that Republicans will understand, concealed weapons make me as uncomfortable as the increasing visibility of gays makes them.


-Marilyn Cosson