I had high hopes for the DON’T WALK Launch Party, because the caliber of their past events has been stellar. On Friday November 22nd, at the Rusack’s Hotel, those expectations were not disappointed. Rusack’s was a great venue for the party, and the committee had put a particularly DW stamp on the décor. Replacing the hotel’s framed photos with portraits of their models was a stroke of genius!

VIP tickets came with two free drinks (one red and one green for the stoplights DW takes its name from), cupcakes galore (provided by BakeSoc), access to the VIP room, and a goodie bag filled with exclusive treats. I’m going to be honest, I spent most of my night in the VIP room because the main room was so crowded!

Standard tickets came with one free drink, and the DJs were located in the main room. Everywhere I looked people were dressed up and having a great time. Photographers roamed the party snapping away, making us feel like we were at a fashion event not in St Andrews but in London or Paris. There was even a pop-up shop where you could buy items from DW retail. There was a gold and pink necklace which I liked especially, but forgot to go back and get it at the end of the night. Don’t think too hard as to why I might have forgot, but DW had the drinks well and truly flowing.

All told, DW put on a fabulous party, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what they have in store at the main even next semester!


Hannah Anderson