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How do you schlep 144 cans of pumpkin down the street? Why? Sage Lancaster tells us.

Because…. Well, why not? I had a bit of spare cash lying around so I thought I might spend it on canned pumpkin. A lot of canned pumpkin.

Nah, only kidding. I ordered it for the STAND Against Genocide fundraising event. One of our committee members came up with the brilliant idea of selling canned pumpkin as well as ready-to-make “Pie in a Bag” to the students of St Andrews in preparation for Thanksgiving. It’s pretty genius, I’ve got to say. Although, after two weeks where our committee meetings had just been hours of talking about pumpkin, I did start to question my sanity. It’s a tad much to be talking about the logistics of “What store has the cheapest deal on containers of mixed spices?” and then remembering “Shoot, we need one more bag of sugar because this many bags won’t account for the fifty-some “Pie in a Bag”s that we need to make!”.

And then there’s the fact that I ordered all the canned pumpkin and piecrusts to the café I work in so that I didn’t have to be at home waiting all day for a delivery. I thought that was a great idea! Until I had to figure out a way to get all this stuff to my house… Getting a shopping trolley from Tesco was the best option, but they weren’t just going to let me take one, so I went in and bought twelve gallons of milk for the café, so that they would let me take a cart.  The faces of all the Tesco shoppers watching me struggle out with a cart filled with milk were priceless, as were those of everyone else watching me wheel home a trolley overflowing with cans of pumpkin… I’m glad I could make a few people’s days more entertaining; give them a random story to tell to their friends or families that evening.

The next challenge was carrying home fifty cans of evaporated milk (yes, that is an ingredient you need to put in pumpkin pies). I decided “Oh hey, I’m super strong, I can TOTALLY carry these all home.” Yeah, that was a laugh. I made it around the corner and then I had to put it down and call a friend to come help me.

I did manage to get all this stuff home and cram it into a nice room in my house waiting to be assembled into “Pies in Bags”. When we finally did the “Pie in a Bag” assembly, we had our whole committee lined up measuring spices, decorating bags, and tying recipe cards onto them. They ended up looking so nice! The pick-ups were last Friday, but sadly not everyone could make it so we are still waiting to get bags and cans to people in order to figure out our total sales!

It was quite the fundraising adventure, and because it went so well, it’s now going to be an annual occurence! So thank you all for your support, and we’ve got a few cans of pumpkin left, so if you meant to order some, or suddenly have a bursting desire to make pumpkin pie, let STAND know!

All proceeds are going to GUA Africa, an organization started by Sudanese ex-child soldier Emmanuel Jal. Check it:


By Sage Lancaster


Image credits: Sage Lancaster