Did Mungo’s make us dance?

St Andrews was treated to a visit from the world famous Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem on Saturday night, in the most highly anticipated event of the Union all year. It did not disappoint. Chests were rattled, soundboys dispersed, and the dancefloor destroyed —all in the signature Mungo’s style.

After a more than capable warm-up from the Regents of Dub, the Mungo’s team of DJs stepped up and took us on a reggae journey. First, though, I must mention the soundsystem itself, which is world-renowned. I have had the pleasure of experiencing it before, so was prepared for all its bone-shaking bassweight. Hearing the Mungo’s soundsystem makes you realise that this is how music should be; a physical as well as an aural experience. However, I had only previously heard dance music on the system, so was looking forward to hearing it play what it was built for.

There was a good mix of dubwise, steppers and dancehall tracks, and a number of more dance-influenced numbers, which are something of a Mungo’s speciality. In particular, the Mungo’s refix of Warrior Queen’s ‘Poison Dart’ was an early crowd-pleaser. Really, though, it wasn’t a night for assiduously noting every track played; Mungo’s rained down dance floor weapon after weapon, so the best thing to do was to just submit yourself and get in the groove. This wasn’t hard, since the speakers pretty much pushed you along with the beat.

It wasn’t just me who was loving it; when MC Parly B asked if everyone was feeling good inside, the answer was a resounding yes. Even the queue to get in was massive, and there was a real buzz about the Union, which is not always the case. Hopefully the resounding success of the night will make the powers-that-be consider putting on more nights with actually good music; St Andrews has surprisingly good taste, and if there are good tunes involved then we can even forgive the overwhelming crappiness of the current Union.


Robin Hughes


Image Credit: Stuart McMillan