With On The Rocks Festival less than two months away, The Tribe went to find out more about what this year’s festival has in store. Katherine Weight, Head of Events, gave us a sneak peek into some of the exciting events planned for this year. 

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Rumor has it there are some exciting events (did someone say zombies…?) in store leading up to On The Rocks Festival 2014… can you tell us a bit more about what to expect?

That little undead birdy was correct, there will be zombies.  We are having a zombie apocalypse event to raise money for the festival. This is your chance to be the zombie you’ve always wanted to be: https://www.facebook.com/events/665028080205654/ – GET EXCTED. Keep those eyes peeled (I hear they taste better that way) for more information.

After its success last year, the Art On The Rocks exhibition will be back. During the festival we lace the town with art produced by your fellow St Andrians and perhaps yourself! (https://www.facebook.com/artontherocks2013?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser).  Another favorite from last year, Late Night Music Cafes, will be returning as well, and based on their popularity will be open for more nights. On The Rocks with Music is Love and other talented performers take over the Old Union Diner with cake and tea galore, making for a delightfully cosy night.


What is unique about this year’s festival in particular?

We are going for a much more interactive approach this year. There will be lots of “have a go” opportunities throughout the week, and art in all its forms will be brought to you, outside of individual events. Oh, and this year’s thread of heritage will keeping popping up too.


What are you most looking forward to for On The Rocks 2014?

The program this year is amazing, so on a personal note I am looking forward to gorging myself on St Andrews’ wealth of talents. More generally it’s exciting to see the festival growing after almost dissolving two years ago.


Any final words about On The Rocks Festival? Suggestions for things to keep our eyes out for?

During the week of the festival, 4th-13th April, make sure you have time to see events. Get those deadlines done. Be on the lookout for our interactive events too. If you want to get a taste for On The Rocks, come to our opening event. The night will begin with a selection of treats from the festival and a few extra performances, and end with a big party. It’s happening outside the festival this year so everyone can attend. And after an indulgent week we will have a more relaxing wind down event to recap the festival and thank all those who got involved.

There are a number of ways to get involved with On The Rocks festival this year. Volunteer applications are open until February 19th, and zombie auditions will be held from 12-2 in the salad bowl on Wednesday, February 19th. To find out more, visit the facebook event pages or the On The Rocks website:


Zombie auditions: https://www.facebook.com/events/665028080205654/

Volunteer applications: https://www.facebook.com/events/226610497522758/

On The Rocks festival page: https://www.facebook.com/ontherocksfestival

Website: http://www.ontherocksfestival.com/

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