The Tribe interviewed Aishah Azman, the Media Manager for the St Andrews Malaysian International Group (SMIG), about SMIG’s upcoming event: Flavours of Malaysia.

Flavours of Malaysia is happening on Saturday 19th April in Holy Trinity Church Hall. Find out more info through Facebook.




The Tribe: Tell us a little bit about the event. What kind of night can we expect? What sort of ambiance are you aiming for?

Aishah: Flavours of Malaysia isn’t like any other event St Andrews could offer. It’s nice to take a break from parties and the endless number of balls that most of us St Andreans are accustomed to by now. So just sit back, relax, socialise, and do all of that over food! You can most definitely expect great company and we welcome everyone (Malaysian or not!) like a member of our own families. Because really, our events are like a family gatherings.


The Tribe: What inspired SMIG to start hosting this event? And when did it start?

Aishah: We are coming in our 5th year as a society and we’ve hosted them annually. Nothing unites us Malaysians quite like our food. Believe me, in a country of many different political views and opinions, the one thing we NEVER disagree on is how great our food is. So what better way to celebrate being a Malaysian than over food?


The Tribe: Who exactly is making the food? And what types of dishes are being made?

Aishah: We have approximately 30 amazing volunteers who have signed up for this year’s Flavours of Malaysia! So the cooks are essentially those kind enough to lend a helping hand to show off their culinary skills! Compiling the menu this year has made me very excited as we have about 19 different dishes & drinks to be served, ranging from curries, sambals and even Janetta’s ice cream!


The Tribe: Is it just about the food, or will there be some other entertainment going on?

Aishah: We’re happy to be having The Accidentals (which our very own talented Treasurer, June Lau, is a part of!) to perform. Apart from those lovely ladies, we’ll be having one or two talents within our small society to cover a few songs.

Other than entertainment, really, the highlight, I would have to say, has to be the company and atmosphere. There really is nothing quite like being a part of this family of lovely people. We urge those who have never been to a SMIG event to get to know us! A bit of a warning, though: once you join the family, it’s hard to get rid of us entirely!


Interview conducted by: Emily Grant

Photo credits: Aishah Azman