Stephanie Redfern Jones’s A New Year is bound to bring a smile to your face as you enter the new academic year at St Andrews. Stephanie plans on writing for this new creative section of The Tribe throughout the year so keep an eye out for more of her poetry. 


A New Year

The summer in St Andrews

has slowly meandered along,

And now students are rapidly returning

in their noisy, chattering throngs.


Another academic year

will sure be soon to start,

I can’t help but feel a pull,

towards knowledge of the heart.


I can’t believe it’s my final year,

I’ll be a Magistrand!

Yet I feel no trepidation or fear,

Only willingness to understand.


I came to study for a degree,

But I’ve been given so much more.

St Andrews has given my mind a place to run free,

So many opportunities to explore.


I’ve made so many lifelong friends.

All so individual and unique,

And we’ve bonded right to the end,

In the knowledge that we seek.


So if you are a Fresher,

Perhaps a little nervous or afraid,

Just give yourself time to settle in,

And you’ll be elated not dismayed!


Stephanie Redfern Jones