The first entry I have received for this new section of The Tribe comes from Jonny Morgan. ‘Are You A Cop’ expresses a creativity with the visual appearance of poetry and how this can change a poem’s rhythm and sound. Morgan invites the reader to consider the shortness of the lines when we look at them on the page and the abrupt, jarring effect this has on our reading of the poem. This jarring technique brings us closer to visualizing the haunting, ‘ridiculous’ image which the poem depicts. 


Are You A Cop

take the toe

of the corpse

of your life

so far

and take a tag

and clip on



at arm’s length


rush to the sink.



and fold

your fingertips

under the water

rhythmic ablutions

rhythmic ablutions

press the moist

thumb palms

of your

shiny hands





at your


twisting and leering

upside down


in the silver metal

of the tap


get out of there

act like it

never happened.


you can

turn yourself

into a cop

if you want.



Jonny Morgan