Jonathan Gibb interviews Nikita Herfet-Jones of the Lumsden Club about their latest event: The Secret Garden Party.




The Lumsden Club’s Secret Garden Party marks a big change from the group’s previous annual event, PIMM’s. On Saturday, 27th September they’ll be hosting their first annual Secret Garden Party. The Tribe got in touch with Lumsden’s Nikita Herfet-Jones to learn more about the event and what to look forward to.


1. PIMM’S has always been such a success – what were the reasons for swaying away from something tried and tested to the new Secret Garden Party?

Nikita: Sometimes you have to take a leap into the unknown and try something new! PIMM’S was an amazing event, one that we are all very proud of, but when the opportunity to try something new arose we leapt at it! However, that being said, we’ve still held onto crowd favorites and the aspects of PIMM’S everyone loved like live music, pitchers of drinks, and laid-back summertime fun!


2. This year already has quite a few festival-like events planned in St Andrews – how does Secret Garden Party differ, and what keeps it a cut above the rest? 

Nikita: The Secret Garden Party is an intimate, smaller event with a more laid-back feel – and a music scene very different to any other event organized this year. With a blend of British rock, indie and classic pop as well as two DJs, we are hoping to bring the perfect festival vibe to the lush gardens of Craigsanquhar. We are proud to announce that we have The Carnabys (check out their new album on Spotify!) and Sunta Und Die Klauses coming all the way from London alongside Surround from Glasgow and student musicians The Belles, DJ Joe Jones and DJStaley.


3. What made you choose Craigsanquhar as a venue? 

Nikita: Craigsanquhar truly is the star of the event. It’s charm is unparalleled; it is littered with beautiful gardens, a magnificent estate house and hidden nooks and crannies. From the get go it seemed like the perfect place to have The Secret Garden Party. It’s also an undiscovered venue, and a beautiful one at that, so it will be fun for the people attending the event to get to discover a new spot.


4. What can guests look forward to? Any exciting sponsors? 

Nikita: We have Heineken sponsoring us and providing a free Bulmers Cider drinks reception. We also have Janetta’s giving out free ice cream during the event, as well as Pipers Crisps, so look forward to great food and drink in addition to the wonderful musical acts!


5. All profit made is going to the two charities – Parkinson’s UK Fife Branch and Malawi Underprivileged Mothers. What do you think made these two charities stand out to the committee? 

Nikita: The Lumsden Club aims to support women’s and children’s charities and promote the arts both locally and abroad. Each year the club proposes and votes on what charities to support. The Lumsden Club has been supporting the Parkinson’s UK Fife Branch for a number of years; one of the girls in the club has a personal connection to the charity, so we have gladly maintained our partnership with them. MUMs is a new charity to Lumsden – we are supporting them for the first time this year. MUMs strives to improve the maternity wing at Bwaila (formally Bottom) hospital, Lilongwe in Malawi with the hope of preserving and enhancing the lives of the women and children who use its facilities. It’s nice to get to see the difference we make for the charities as we watch then develop year after year.


6. Do you have any advice for girls wanting to get involved in the club?

Nikita: Yes! The club is currently recruiting new girls for the coming academic year. We encourage anyone interested to join us and not already signed up to email the club account ( to hear more about our upcoming recruitment events. Visit our website or facebook page to read more about our charitable work, volunteering and things we have done in the past! See you on Saturday!



Jonathan Gibb



Photo Credit:  The Lumsden Club