Imagine a crowded dance floor filled with drunken students sporting blue and purple faces or leprechaun-green outfits. Imagine horns sounded to rouse battle cries and chants of “DRA” and “McIntosh”—slurred, yet undoubtedly passionate. Welcome to Clan Warfare, where halls’ loyal residents cheered on their representatives as they tackled five crazy challenges before one hall was crowned supreme.

IMG_0218Enthusiastic DJs kept the masses of eager freshers (and quite a few equally eager returners) in high spirits all the way through challenge number one, where their intoxicated fans bombarded hall representatives as they competed to see who could get the most phone numbers written on their vests. When the dust finally settled, Albany Park came out on top with over one-hundred numbers; Sallies, Uni Hall, and Andrew Melville fell short and were eliminated. While the losing halls departed to drown their sorrows at the Vic, the next challenge tested the representatives’ appetites, as they were tasked with eating as many marshmallows as possible in thirty seconds. Albany Park and John Burnett choked under the pressure and were sent packing. With the music pumping and the crowd roaring (thanks to the McIntosh minotaur), the third challenge was faced with great enthusiasm as representatives were tasked with finding a bra, a condom, an American dollar, a baseball cap, and a hoodie. Thanks to shameless levels of intoxication, McIntosh, Regs, and DRA managed to steal, grab, and otherwise acquire all the necessary items to move on to the penultimate round.

IMG_0238In the brief interlude between challenges, students rushed about to grab drinks at one of the many fully stocked bars in the newly refurbished union. The crowd went wild as our director of events, Leon, announced challenge number four: a classic dance-off. Loyal residents cheered on the representatives, though their moves were all a bit lame and tame. Regs failed to step up to the beat; with that elimination, it was down to McIntosh and DRA to fight it out for the title. The dance floor was split between the rival halls, each side chanting, singing, and sounding the war horns with messy-bomb fueled enthusiasm.



The last challenge of the night was a bit anticlimactic: a Russian roulette with eggs in which the fatal bullet was the one raw egg among 5 hard-boiled ones. Tense, yes, but not the most exciting way to end a night of fast-paced revelry. One egg after another was smashed until a cry of victory burst from the McIntosh residents as the raw egg shattered all over the top of the poor DRA representative. Even the giant bucket of ice poured over Josh Gumbley of Mcintosh couldn’t quite quell the fiery pride emanating from all those chanting McIntosh over and over again; they shared sticky hugs and laughed at the booing DRA residents.


With the competition coming to an end, people began to disperse—some staying to dance the night away, others moving on to visit the holy trinity of drunk food (Dervish, Empire, and Courtyard), and the rest just going home to pass out. Whether your hall won or not, the night was fun and good for laughs—crowded but enjoyable with a friendly atmosphere of freshers.



Jessica Yin


Photo credits: Jessica Yin