With the Ebola crisis sweeping throughout West Africa in mind, FoMSF (Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières) started this year’s events with a fabulous evening at Rascals on Thursday, September 18th. Information on the Ebola outbreak was provided along with music, company and good cheer in pursuit of raising awareness about this international medical crisis.




Since the outbreak was declared on March 22nd in Guinea, Ebola has spread into Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Senegal. MSF has sent over 420 tonnes of supplies and 2000 staff to the affected regions. However, this simply isn’t enough given the epic scale of this epidemic, which has already killed over 2300 people.

FoMSF’s event included fundraising through games and raffles made available to guests; prizes for The Rule, Cromars, Gorgeous, Bonkers, The Gift Gallery and the St Andrews Store tempted many to buy tickets. Music was also not in short supply and included both soulful acoustic guitar playing and balladry from Music is Love and the Folk and Trad Society. Additionally, Rascals designed themed alcoholic beverages especially for the event-goers; these cherry-flavoured concoctions were a hit.




FoMSF President Abi Redwood was happy with the turnout, remarking “it’s really great to see so many first years here.” This event definitely got the society and their mission off to a good start for the semester, and they are planning on doing some more fundraising and awareness events throughout the year. Abi Redwood noted that they are “hoping to hold an event on Ebola in the next few weeks because it’s such an important global movement at the moment.” Keep your ears and eyes open for any news of this next event; if it’s anything like the previous, it certainly shouldn’t be missed!



Katharine Mikula



Photography credits: Friends of MSF St. Andrews