Day drinking in the garden is a quintessentially British affair, and the Sailing Society’s Freshers Garden Party provided ample opportunity to engage in this national pastime. Although not technically a fresher – nor a sailor – I was welcomed to the party by the Sailing Society’s charming committee. If you’re familiar with Sinners then you know that sports socials can be  a mixed (and particularly boozy) bag; however, if experience is any guide, nothing beats a good garden party in distracting from the flurry of Union events.




The afternoon was a welcome alternative to the lad culture typically found within the Bubble’s sporting societies. Ellie McCourt, the society’s secretary, filled me in on the dynamics of the club: “We’re a pretty chilled bunch, we love sailing but we also love to go to The Lizard,” no doubt implying that these aquatic adventures do not simply end once on terra firma (…though, perhaps, The Lizard perhaps should remain terra incognita). New to sailing? Well, don’t worry. Ellie has managed to balance her medical degree with her newfound maritime longings and ensured me the club is highly supportive in organising training, even for beginners.




For the £6 entrance fee, there were plenty of nibbles, great conversations, and freshly-made Pimms – all complemented by some intriguing, and shamefully cheeky, party games – to be had. The Freshers Garden Party proved that the Sailing Society can certainly put on a good show for members and non-members alike. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then check out the club on Facebook or come and find them at the Sports Fayre.




Jonathan Gibb


Photography by Hannah Crane