The fourth night of Freshers Week was a musical extravaganza, seeing local Scottish talent take to the stage alongside Scouting for Girls for a sold out show.


Kitan Ogunfeibo kicked off the night, taking to the decks from 22:00-23:00 and exhilarating the crowd from the minute the venue opened. At 23:00 Hello Future, an up-and-coming indie rock band which has just been featured as’s UK Band of the Week, took the stage. By that time the crowd was ecstatic and packed, and – at the surprisingly punctual time of 00:02 – Scouting for Girls appeared.




The second number was ‘Famous’, and as the students chanted “everybody wants to be on TV”, band member Roy Stride grabbed The Tribe’s camera and captured the mayhem of their incredible response. The theme then shifted back towards love; the next track was ‘Elvis Ain’t Dead’, and the band paused briefly in the middle, allowing the spotlight to be on the students, who continued the vocals through a beat breakdown.

By then the show had reached its halfway point. The band got a unanimously positive response from ‘Posh Girls’, as students roared the hook “boys at school” with ceaseless enthusiasm throughout the song. Similarly, “just for a day” was the simple united reply to ‘James Bond’. No introductions were needed as, song after song, everyone cheered in response to the melody. The band segued into classic rock, and hands were raised high in the air for the Paul McCartney anthem ‘Live and Let Die’.




If I have failed to convey how involved the crowd was all night, I’ll correct this faux pas by saying only this: every single word of every song was sung along to. Scouting for Girls’ final track was the more melancholic ‘Love Song’; the crowd swayed along and sang “lalala I’m a little bit lost without you”, providing a moment of calm after an hour of continuous dancing.

The band made to leave, but the St Andrews students were not going to give in. The chant of “ONE MORE SONG” continued for three minutes before the band re-emerged to treat the audience to a cover of Rudimentals ‘Waiting All Night’ before finally closing with ‘She’s So Lovely’; to say the crowd went wild would be an understatement. Not a beat was missed or a single person left standing still. DJ Joe Jones kept the crowd going until 2 am, when the night finally came to a close. I would definitely deem this another successful night for the Union, as well as for several hundred satisfied freshers.


Courtney Danielle


Photo credit: Courtney Danielle