By Wednesday of Freshers Week, one would expect things to be calming down; students start taking intro lectures and the excessive drinking takes its toll. Fittingly, the Union was calm and dignified at half-nine, giving every appearance that this would be a slower-paced night. Noise levels trebled sharply by eleven, however, and there were people everywhere; with queues and a completely packed dance floor, the Union had definitely embraced its athletic side. Kiladze provided the anthems until twelve as things got sweaty under the streams of balloons and brightly illuminated star lanterns. With the venue packed air-tight, the bar was crowded all night long as the clubs of the AU descended onto Venue 1 for the first Sinners of the year. As such a massive student night, the year’s first event was always going to be a popular choice.

Fashion-wise, team pride was the key accessory, with most people turning up in their club uniforms. The entire venue was a sea of team shirts, from the Ladies Rugby Club to Netball. Each team was in high spirits and keen to make their presence felt. Earlier in the day, the “give it a go” session gave freshers the chance to meet captains and to try out new sports; Sinners was no-doubt the ultimate team bonding finale. The Saints – St Andrews own cheerleading team – were out in full force, leading the excitement and dancing to every track played by throwing in some of their own gymnastic moves.

#Nelfun took over the DJ booth at midnight, keeping in pace with the merry crowd and playing hit after hit. The boys knew exactly what the crowd went crazy for; the carnage continued before spilling out onto Market Street. Ultimately, the first Sinners set the bar high for the coming year.


Danielle Courtney