Jonathan Gibb reviews STARFIELDS 2014, a music festival marking the launch of St Andrews Charity Fashion Show.




St Andrews Charity Fashion Show (FS) proved once again why STARFIELDS is – by far – the most anticipated event in of Freshers Week. Only re-launched last year, the event still had the trademark finesse of FS – the largest student run fashion show in the UK – this time around. The premise was similar to previous years: a musical festival, showcasing excellent acts, to mark the launch of FS’s campaign.




First and foremost, this year’s change in location was a complete godsend. Lower College Lawn (where FS is also held) provided enough space and – for those who still have the memories of queuing for busses – is comfortably close to town. Completely eradicating the transportation glitches of last year, and the need for silver foil blankets to prevent hypothermia, made things run so much more smoothly. The amount of space available inside the lawn was utilised almost perfectly, providing adequate space to get away from the commotion of the main tent in order to socialise or simply relax. Bars, provided by the union, were also well-spaced out and, until a good two-hours into the festival, queuing was not that taxing. However, the exponential audience increase around the two-hour mark made queuing more dangerous than standing in the middle of the crowd by the time of Nick Grimshaw’s set.




Starting at 4pm and lasting a solid 6 hours, the show – and its atmosphere – gradually picked up and time flew by. Resident DJ SAUNIT (Austin Bell), opened the festival and guests gradually began to migrate towards its distinctive futuristic dome, which completely dominated the upper half of Lower College Lawn. The organisational issues of last year had completely vanished. Food was plentiful and from a wide range of vendors; the old favourites, Butler’s Wraps and Mexigo, contrasted with the delicious new tagines on offer, providing necessary variety to cater to each guest’s taste. As Tudor Lion took to the stage, the venue was beginning to fill up and between acts many guests complemented their festival vibes with some free face paint. Neon Jungle got the crowd psyched for the act that everyone had been waiting for: Nick Grimshaw. Suddenly, the armidillo-esque tent was completely packed. In fact, packed is an understatement; a sudden, yet slight, movement caused guests to fall (or slam) like dominos onto the grass – perfectly in time to ‘Drunk in Love’. The atmosphere was truly amazing. As the event wound up, guests cheered continually for an encore, and – due to the large crescendo – leaving the show felt all too premature.




However, an impressive clean-up swiftly followed; looking over from the library to the venue on Sunday, you’d never have thought an event of such scale and planning had occurred there only the previous afternoon. STARFIELDS 2014 wrapped up Freshers Week perfectly and, in true FS style, distinguished itself beyond the ordinary.


Jonathan Gibb


All photos courtesy of St Andrews Charity Fashion Show