Stephanie Redfern Jones’s second poetic contribution expresses a sentiment that is sure to ring true in many of your own hearts. Read this in conjunction with Charlotte Wirth’s Musings on Literature in a Digitized Society to get an insight into how literature affects the individual.


Literature’s Legacy

They will say, “What did you do with your life?”

And I might reply, “Not much,

It was filled with an occasional strife,

But with love I was mostly touched.”


I have a collection of words,

In an unkempt, unfinished novel.

It might seem slightly absurd,

But for literature my heart does grovel.


I have travelled here and there,

But never too far away.

The vast old world cannot compare

With reading books all day.


So when they ask what legacy I’ve left,

I’ll point to my library on display.

For I’m glad I’ve not left the world bereft,

Of the written word’s array.


Stephanie Redfern Jones